AGgrow Bedding is an innovative animal bedding product derived from a high yielding perennial grass called Giant Miscanthus which provides tremendous environmental and social benefits. AGgrow is custom delivered to customers to match their specific bedding needs. For example the poultry industry typically requires a fine particle size and low moisture, where the equestrian stables requires a longer cut with less dust. AGgrow is highly absorbent, free of mycotoxins and provides great thermal benefits.

AGgrow Bedding-Georgia operations has been independently evaluated as a producer of organic crops under the specifications of the USDA National Organic Program (NOP), and has been found to be in compliance with the requirements of the NOP Rule (7 CFR Part 205). As a result of this assessment, AG Grow Bedding is recognized as a grower of: Certified Organic Crops.

 Sustainably Grown

Planted one time with 30+ years of production potential. 3x more biomass production per acre than pine.

Grown to improve the environment. Sequesters carbon, low fertility requirements and no harmful chemicals used

Consistent product harvested at low moisture and with optimal particle size. Local production provides growers with unmatched value.

Spreads evenly throughout using conventional equipment. Long lasting with production and maintenance benefits.


AGgrow has been tested and validated by leading poultry research Universities including: Mississippi State University, North Carolina State University and The University of Georgia. Its performance exceeds commonly used products on the market today.

Universities MSU UGA NSCU
Breed Tested Chicken Chicken Turkey
Feed Conversion = = +
Live Weight = = +
Paw Score = = +

AGgrow RESULTS COMPAIRED AGAINST KILN DRY SHAVINGS        (+ Positive) (= Equal to) (- Negative)

MS – Development of a Sustainable Grass-Based Litter Supply Chain. J. Davis
UGA – Giant miscanthus grass an alternative for bedding in poultry houses. C. Dunkley. Nov 3 2105
NCSU – Miscanthus grass as a viable alternative to pine shavings. J Grimes. Aug to Nov 2012.

Both grower and companies alike have commercially accepted AGgrow Bedding as a proven product for their poultry operations. Its proven performance comes from the millions of birds produced on it and the positive results from commercial growers and integrators.


Choose to have control over the bedding spread in the house. By selecting AGgrow you receive a dedicated, purpose grown, dry product that is highly absorbent and chopped to a consistent specification.  No need to rely on others, our bedding delivers the characteristics growers want for the optimum growing environment.


Environmental stewardship is important for our future generations. AGgrow is one solution that helps meet this commitment. The crop regrows annually without replanting; sequesters 3 times more carbon than Pine; improves water quality and reduces soil erosion. AG Grow also provides a reduction in energy requirements for drying due to its naturally dry composition. LEARN HOW TO PARTICIPATE AS A LOCAL GROWER TODAY.

Interested in becoming a Trail Blazer, producing Giant Miscanthus Grass?

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